Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Has the institution established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)? If ‘yes’, what is the institutional policy with regard to quality assurance and how has it contributed in institutionalizing the quality assurance processes?

Yes the institution established IQAC as far back as 14/03/2006. The IQAC works for implanting as much sophisticated props and practices as possible for imparting hi-tech as well as value oriented instructions to the students of one of the most dilapidated and economically backward areas of Bihar. The efforts of IQAC have resulted in development of the departments, the office, laboratories, the library and the sports facilities.
How many decisions of the IQAC have been approved by the management/ authorities for implementation and how many of them were actually implemented?

More than sixty percent of the suggestions of the IQAC have been approved by the authority / government and these suggestions were implemented in the campus.
Does the IQAC have external members on its committee? If so, mention any significant contribution made by them.
No the IQAC have no external member.
How do students and alumni contribute to the effective functioning of the IQAC?
The students and alumni are always willing to help in carrying the suggestions of IQAC to completion and fraction. This lobby undoubtedly brings enchanting results.


The following facilities of Sports and Common Room activities are available in the campus.
Play grounds : College has a big size field suitable for Football, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics in the college campus which is used by the students and resident of the campus for daily practice and for organization of tournaments. Sometimes these grounds are used by the other colleges, university, local sports organizations and NGO’s also.

Playing courts: In addition to the above grounds, college has separate courts for tennis (hard court), Basketball, Volleyball, Kho- kho and , Kabaddi.
Gym : More than 200 students and sportsmen visited daily to the gym for building their physical fitness in the morning and evening hours.
Common Room : There is boys common room and two girls common room (one in each block, science and arts). These have all the facilities for indoor games as well as news papers and periodicals.