Student Mentoring

The institutions regularly publishes its prospectus which contains information regarding the latest status of courses, faculties, fee structure, committees, privileges (like free student sheep) financial assistance and also about means to posting their feedback.

Specify the type, number and amount of institutional scholarships / freeships given to the students during the last four years and whether the financial aid was available and disbursed on time?

Minority stipend, D.W.O., Handicapped, BidiMazdoor,
2009-10 : .00
2010-11 : 2,850.00
2011-12 : 5,40,277.00
2012-13 : 1.83,2500.00

What percentage of students receive financial assistance from state government, central government and other national agencies?
Yes, students do receive financial assistance from both Central and State Governments. The proportion of recipients constitutes 8% of total strength of students.
What are the specific support services/facilities available for Students from SC/ST, OBC and economically weaker sections
Remedial courses, relief in fees, stipend, EOC for positive interaction etc for student from SC/ST and OBC. There is the provision for free student sheep, scholarships for promising students of economically weaker sections. The poor boys fund is also used to help students from economically weaker sections.

Students with physical disabilities
The physically challenged students enjoy reservation in admission and have assured free studentship. Besides, there are rams for their entry into class blocks and library.

Overseas students
There is no support provision for overseas students.
Students to participate in various competitions/National and International Candidates selected for National competitions are provided with concession in Railway tickets (TA, DA).

Skill development (spoken English, computer literacy, etc.)
This institution has conducted courses in “Computer literacy” and “Proficiency in English language.
Support for “slow learners”
“Slow learners” are given special attention by faculty members. Some props, too are used to make them understand the subject matter.